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The Feel Good Guide to Menopause



How understanding the brain-hormone connection can help women to navigate menopause. Although women know about the heavens and can travel to the moon, there is little understanding of an event that inevitably awaits them - menopause -- and knowledge about how to best navigate this natural passage in life. Hormonal changes at this time affect not only the female body but also the brain and mind.

Menopause can impact a woman's health, relationships, daily functioning, career, mood and emotions, and can profoundly impair her quality of life. Understanding the connection between hormones, brains and, indeed, the gut provides us with the fundamentals for transitioning through what can be a challenging - if not overwhelming - time for many women.

By breaking the silence that surrounds this change, The Feel Good Guide to Menopause aims to reduce the potential for negative impact, build understanding, compassion and reassurance, and significantly improve the mental and physical wellbeing of women.

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